Paintings from ninjagrl that have been inspired by the names of open-source projects, services, PHP community lingo, and related technical jargon. In collaboration with dflydev.


Between coming to the occasional PHP conferences and hearing Beau Simensen (her husband) and Dave Marshall talking on That Podcast, ninjagrl ends up hearing a ton of talk about the open-source world. She found that some of the names for things in that world can sound interesting, silly, or outlandish to people who do not live and breathe software.

One day, after listening to a particularly long episode of That Podcast, she came up with the idea of creating paintings inspired by just the names that sounded interesting to her. Open-source projects. Languages. Libraries. Services. All would be fair game.

And thus, a project was born.

The results are one part humor, one part cute, and one part non-programmer alternate/obvious interpretation of something software developers take for granted as something else entirely.

The goal was to highlight these projects next to their ninjagrl interpretation. The juxtaposition is quite entertaining.


The other half of the #ossart collaboration is dflydev, Beau's consulting company. dflydev's contribution is providing technical support for the project. The goal is to open-source some of the infrastructure that will be used to support the #ossart project.